Our Beers

Your Irish Favourites

We are proud to have the whole family on tap. Guinness, Harp, Kilkenny, Smithwicks and the newest member of the family, Hop House 13.


We invest heavily in our delivery systems and staff training to ensure that you will always get the perfect pour. You won't want to drink Guinness anywhere else.

On the other taps 

  • Alexander Keith's IPA

  • Goose Island IPA

  • Budweiser and Bud Light

  • Stella Artois

  • Mill Street Organic

  • Shocktop

  • Brickworks Cider

  • Carlsberg

  • Mill Street Tankhouse Ale

  • Stonehooker Broad Reach IPA

In the bottle

  • Budweiser

  • Bud Light

  • Bud Light Lime

  • Bud Light Orange

  • Corona

  • Stonehooker Victoria's Ale

  • Stella Artois

  • Michelob Ultra

  • Budweiser Copper Lager

  • Stonehooker Broad Reach

  • Carlsberg

  • Moosehead